Claudia Ball

Claudia Ball has an academic background in psychology and educational science and holds a Bachelor's degree in teaching, learning and training psychology and educational science as well as a Master's degree in educational management from the University of Erfurt (DE).

She began her career in European education and training in 2001 as a European volunteer and shortly afterwards as programme coordinator for European education projects at the European Federation for Intercultural Learning in Brussels.

Since 2009 Claudia Ball has worked at DEKRA Akademie GmbH (DE) as project manager and researcher for European educational projects and later as research manager. In these positions she led a number of European projects and currently implements more than 10 national and European research and development projects in the field of vocational education and training with her team. These include the HCEU (www.project-hceu.eu), EUcareNET (www.eucarenet.eu), FutureDRV (www.project-futuredrv.eu) and LaSiDig (www.projekt-lasidig.info) projects coordinated by DEKRA.

All these projects deal with vocational education and training in Germany and Europe and how the implementation of work-related learning and training in policy and practice can be further improved. Claudia Ball has her industry focus on transport / logistics, but in connection with European transparency instruments and instructional design issues she also deals with other industries such as care.

She also contributes regularly as a speaker at conferences and has advised the European institutions throughout their careers on various issues related to education in Europe. As a country expert for Germany, she is currently involved in the implementation of the update of the European inventory for the validation of non-formal and informal learning in 2018.

In addition, she is a lecturer at the Technical University of Dresden on vocational training topics.