HCEU conference "Cross-border mobility of healthcare professionals"

27 June 2018, Hotel Elbflorenz, Dresden (DE)

Demographic change, an increasing shortage of skilled workers and the requirements of digitisation are only representative of developments across society that require a comprehensive rethink in healthcare throughout Europe. With these trends, the recognition of lifelong learning in healthcare is more important than ever before. In view of the shortage of staff, the mobility of healthcare professionals from abroad, alongside numerous national initiatives and measures, is an important building block for overcoming skills shortages in Europe and worldwide. However, a large number of hurdles have to be overcome, with which the practice is quickly confronted.

The European conference HCEU "Cross-border mobility of healthcare professionals" invited representatives from politics, authorities, healthcare, research and education in Germany and abroad to exchange views on current topics relating to

  • the migration of healthcare professionals in and to Europe,
  • the recognition of foreign qualifications in healthcare and
  • the future of care in the context of social change.

Current results from interdisciplinary research and the dialogue with and for practice are in the foreground. Possibilities for action in the context of future challenges and possibilities are discussed in a practical manner in order to create the basis for future-oriented solutions. Representatives from practice, politics, authorities, education and research had an equal say here, in order to shed light on the mobility of healthcare professionals in a European context from various perspectives and to discuss it with a view to the future of healthcare.

The conference took place in the beautiful city of Dresden (DE) on 27 June 2018 and is hosted by DEKRA Akademie GmbH (DE).